Almost any good parent will encourage a son or daughter who loves to draw to keep up the art. Some parents even promote their kid’s artistic flare with drawing lessons.

YouTube might be great for short informal tips, but what if you want to setup your children with structured online classes?


  1. Thrive

Thrive claims to be the best source for online video based classroom instruction with recorded video lessons that start with the basics and encourage creativity. Thrive lists beginner and intermediate classes as appropriate for kids ages 6-12 and advanced classes for kids 9 and up (at time of this writing, the advanced series hasn’t been created yet)

2. Udemy

Udemy has become an endless wealth of pre-recorded education. Their drawing classes for kids are extensive and very well reviewed. Here are a few we found:

3. Drawspace

Drawspace seems to have been designed with the homeschooled child in mind with Udemy-like classes but with more detailed levels of instruction than Udemy. Conceivably, this could count as a whole class for homeschoolers.

The Drawspace website’s homepage states: “Drawspace lessons are used by millions of individuals and homeschoolers, and in thousands of schools, colleges, and universities all over the world.”